Improve Your Health for Snorkeling and Diving Success

Physical fitness always helps in diving and snorkeling.

Yes, you must carry only the best gear for your snorkel or dive, like the best full face snorkel mask, fin, dive lights, wetsuits, and other stuff, but if you are not healthy and strong, you won’t enjoy the experience.

It may not be safe as well. So improve your fitness before you leave.

Physical Preparation

Diving and even snorkeling is often stressful on the body. Those who are successful have a lot of stamina and strength. Improve your fitness to lower the risk of an illness or injury. You will be able to cope with the stress better as well.

Join a health club and focus on your cardiovascular fitness through agility and strength training. While you don’t need to be a super-athlete, but every bit of improvement you make is going to help. With improved cardiovascular fitness, your body will be able to absorb oxygen more efficiently, which is good when you are under the water.

Swim a lot for your cardio training. You will become more fit and you will also be able to regulate your breathing. And of course, you will be more confident when in the water. You may also try cycling and running. Cycling is low impact and won’t stress your joints and muscles.

Strength Training

You will have to carry a lot of weight while diving and will also have to swim against strong currents, which needs strength. So some strength training will help. You will find upper-body and core strength most useful, but it’s good to work on your overall strength as well. Combine resistance exercises and weight training using your body weight. Planks, press ups and squats will all help.


Agility and flexibility training will help you a great deal. While under the water, you need to reach out to your diving gear, valves that are behind your back or head, and change the direction, which requires flexibility. Strength training and a stretching routine will make you more flexible and also more mobile. Yoga will also make your muscles stronger, besides helping you control the breathing.

Medical Examination

A few medical conditions may affect your diving, such as hypertension and asthma. So go for a check even before making your booking. It is always better and safer to cure the condition or at least keep it within control. Diving and snorkeling are both safe, but there is always the chance factor.

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